Positioning for Human Connection Checklist

In order to break through the noise of competition you'll want to position yourself differently, outside of societal norms. These days more than ever, as a collective society, we long for human connection​ now more than ever. 

Below is a check list to analyze your messaging with, so that you do have a formula to write differently, be authentic in the market place and connect through your content in ways your competitors aren't. 

____ doesn’t come across as status quo societal marketing. 

____ is original, not cliche. 

____ speaks both to the rational and emotional mind.

____ doesn’t give you something you don’t want, but something to look forward to. 

____ gives much more than it takes. 

____ provides a bridge that solves desires.

____ does the opposite of what everyone else is doing.

____ is elevated creativity that makes you laugh, smile or feel good as opposed to being repulsed.

____ gives warmth to the person reading it. 

____ is compelling enough that people REACH out.  

____ isn’t trial and error or throwing something against the wall hoping it will stick. 

____ is strategic, methodical, and has roots and research to back it up. 

____ gives hints of success within hours of launch.... because Your messaging NAILED it!

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