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by growing and protecting your financial future. 

We help protect your financial future from market volatility and high tax increases, so that you have more spendable dollars for the future and legacy money for your family.   

Impacting Lives

 With Jen Kahtz

Training and Financial 

How we make a difference:

Mindset Training

This is for those who: 

  • Have a passion for personal development;

  • Want to create more success and money in life;

  • Are ready for growth and implementation;

  • Love learning purposeful content in a collaborative environment.


Outcomes: I grew from $5,000/month to $25,000/month in less than six months using the methods in this training. -Jen Kahtz


Financial Consulting

This is for those who: 

  • Are tired of worrying about economic volatility;

  • Are looking for a long-term, stable investment;

  • Think that a tax-free retirement distribution sounds appealing;

  • Would rather invest in real estate or land;

  • Need peace of mind about having enough in retirement.

Outcomes: Gain peace of mind with a plan that saves you hundreds of thousands in retirement.


Messaging Training 

This is for those who: 

  • Want better communication strategies that work;

  • Desire a quicker lead time from pain to action;

  • Want to covert with less effort, using effective communication.

Outcomes: Decrease the time it takes to go from pain to action - they'll be signing up quicker!




Mindset Training: 

Think and Grow Rich
Daily Mindset Shifting

In this training, we'll work a proven formula designed by Napoleon Hill  to create/manifest riches. I chose this book because this is the same formula that tripled my own income in 2018. It works, even during difficult times. Our goal is to study the tangible methods that create outcomes, along with addictive methods that support the same concept. 

Financial Training: 

Positioning Your Financial Future

For this platform, we work with you individually to help you plan for the financial future. This training is for those who are ready to learn how to plan, grow and secure their wealth. We operate by the principle that the needs of the client come first. We are here to serve you and  help you accomplish your goals.

Messaging Training:

Positioning for Human Connection

This is for entrepreneurs who struggle to gain outcomes from their communications. We teach you how to position your story, brand and language to connect with customers authentically and foster genuine human connection.

Living Life on Your Terms

My story: 

I started a business called Emotive Pull Communications in 2013. In 2018, my fifth year in business, I had the best revenue year ever. The financial success was gratifying, but my single-minded focus was creating personal regrets. My brother texted me to communicate and I was too busy. My father wanted to see me and I thought I couldn’t. My personal relationships took a back seat to my business.


Then, the life bombs dropped.


  • My brother died in December 2018; 

  • My father died in January 2019; 

  • The next month, my 6-year romantic relationship ended. 


Riddled with grief, I could barely get out of bed. The business was now connected to pain which hurt the motivation to grow and build. 


During the beginning of 2020, I met a woman on LinkedIn who introduced me to finance. When she shared the impact of compounding interest, I had found passion again. 

I had always loved numbers, my father was a natural financial minded person, and it was all too familiar. There was a natural pull. 

Jen kahtz

I first joined a company who was product oriented. Realizing I am a person who needs to make a social impact, I then transitioned into CalChoice Financial. They captured me when they  showed me why people think insurance is bad and how to position products with integrity to benefit the client first and foremost. I was skeptical at first and then after experiencing consistent integrity in action, I jumped in with both feet. For me it’s about seeing that action backs up the claim versus speaking mere words.  


Today, I contribute to society in a an array of different ways. In the financial world, we help people diversify by using their 401K’s and IRA’s to invest in land that is in the pathway of growth before it’s developed, so they make a great return. We also protect people people from the scheduled tax increases for deferred accounts like 401K’s and IRA’s, so they don’t lose their money for what is coming in our future.  And finally, we also help shift assets into non reportable income streams where they make money when the market goes up, and are guaranteed not to loose if there was a market drop or crash. People are scared for our future. These services are more important now than ever. Please let me know if you want more education on what the wealthy are doing right now to protect themselves, so you don't get blindsided like the masses. 


“Working with Jen Kahtz Training, on my messaging, injected motivation in terms of realizing the impact my service has on others. Her emotional approach to my web content keeps me competitive and credible.”

— Phil Demund, Arizona Mortgage Specialists



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