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by growing and protecting your financial future. 

We provide financial, mindset and messaging training for those who want to grow and plan for a secure, prosperous future.



Mindset Training: 

Think and Grow Rich
Daily Mindset Shifting

In this training we'll work a proven formula created by Napoleon Hill designed to create/manifest riches. I chose this book because this is the same formula that trippled my own income in 2018. It works, even during difficult times.  Our goal is to study the tangible methods that create outcomes. 

Financial Training: 

Positioning Your Financial Future

For this platform, we work with you individually to help you plan for the financial future you aspire to. This is for those who are ready to learn how to plan, create and grow their wealth. We operate by the principle that the needs of the client come first. We are here to serve you and  help you accomplish your goals.

Messaging Training:

Positioning for Human Connection

This is for entrepreneurs who struggle to gain outcomes from their communications. We help teaching you how to position your story brand and language to connect to customers authentically, fostering genuine human connection.

Living Life on Your Terms

My story: 

I began my professional career in the medical interventional radiology field. After 10 years I made the leap to entrepreneurship creating Emotive Pull Communications, replacing my income within a year.


In 2018, my fifth year in business, I had the best revenue year ever. The financial success was gratifying, but my single-minded focus left my personal life in distress.


My brother reached out to me, but I couldn’t connect. My father wanted to see me, and I couldn’t spare the time. My personal relationship became distant as it took a back seat to my career.

Then, the life bombs dropped.


My brother died in December, 2018. 


My father died in January of the following year. When he was dying, I felt a piece of me dying. 


The next month, my 6 year romantic relationship ended. 


Jen kahtz

These life bombs left me riddled with such grief, that I could barely get out of bed. The losses hurt my motivation to grow and build my business. Unfortunately, subconsciously, new beliefs about my business were formed and connected to pain. My finances plummeted, something I had never experienced before and I regretted not having planned for changes when times were good. 


I reflected on these events; why they happened and how I could learn from them. Jen Kahtz Training and Financial began forming inside of my mind. 

I still kept Emotive Pull going, until I met a woman on LinkedIn who introduced me to a platform in finances. I learned that there are ways we can create multiple streams of income with ease, so that when life events happen, there is still income. Compounding interest and tax free retirement is powerful and real.  Also, there is security and relief knowing finances are covered amidst tragedy if we plan ahead. I learned personal empowerment and security come from education regarding life and finances. 


I was excited at the thought of doing this for myself and for helping others do the same, which led me to create Jen Kahtz Training and Financial. I see this as the opportunity to help others, bringing passion and drive back.

When life bombs hit, illness happens and financial hardships appear, we can still have safety and security if we plan ahead.

And we can keep growing and learning, as life brings changes.  This is the inspiration behind Jen Kahtz Training and Finances. 

Impacting Lives

 With Jen Kahtz 

Training and Financial 

How we make a difference:

Mindset Training

This if for those who: 

  • Have a passion for personal development

  • Want to create more success and money in life

  • Ready for growth and implementation

  • Love learning purposeful content in a collaborative environment


Outcomes: Grew from $5,000 a month to $25,000 a month in less than six months using the methods in this training. Jen Kahtz


Financial Training

This if for those who: 

  • Tired of worrying about economic volatility

  • Looking for a long-term, stable investment

  • Needing peace of mind about retirement

Outcomes: Now have peace of mind, with a plan that brings me to my financial goals. Jen Kahtz


Messaging Training 

This if for those who: 

  • Want to create better messaging that works

  • Desires a quicker lead time from pain to action 

  • Wants to covert with less effort using effective messaging

Outcomes: It takes less time from pain the action. They're signing up quicker. Scott Anderson



“Working with Jen Kahtz Training, on my messaging, injected motivation in terms of realizing the impact my service has on others. Her emotional approach to my web content keeps me competitive and credible.”

— Phil Demund, Arizona Mortgage Specialists



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